Monday, 13 October 2014

Ubuntu 14.04 lts Desktop 64bit [Direct Download]

What's new in Ubuntu 14.04?
The menus of the currently focused application are by default available in Ubuntu's integrated menu bar. However, if you want you can switch to the conventional style and show the app menus in the window title bar of respective application instead (this latter option is new since Ubuntu 13.10).
Support added for scaling Unity on a per-monitor basis, which allows for a better experience on high-DPI displays. Similar scaling support is also available in LibreOffice and Chromium.
Improved look and style including rounded window decorations, a new interface for screen unlock, and other tweaks to the theme.
The integrated Text Entry interface and the related input source status menu are designed to set both keyboard layout and IBus input methods.
A number of improvements have been made to the Dash:
The Dash may now search dozens of different online sources simultaneously. The Internet-based searches may be disabled.
The Dash search results may be filtered by category and source..
Right-clicking on a search result in the Dash will display a full-screen preview with more information.
Use the photos lens to view photos from your computer or from your social networks.
Add or remove scopes from the Dash to customize your experience.
Browse messages from your social networks with the new Friends scope.
Enter your credentials in Online Accounts to easily set up online integration for the Dash, Empathy, and more.
Keep track of contact information for your friends and colleagues with Contacts, your personal address book.


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