Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Windows 10 Pro build 10130 Insider Preview x64 & x32

Download Windows 10 build 10130 x86

Download Windows 10 build 10130 x64

Gabriel Aul, head of the Windows Insider program, has recently announced that new Windows 10 build 10130 ISOs are available for download, despite the fact that this version isn't yet offered to slow ring.
Aul says that there still are some bugs in this build that need to be fixed before pushing the release button, but given the fact that many insiders had a hard time installing the build via Windows Update, these new ISOs should really come in handy.
“I know we said we would only release ISOs if we push a build to the Slow ring but we’re making a special exception today. We know that a bunch of Windows Insiders on the Fast ring are currently blocked getting to the latest build due a 0x80246017 error. With the ISOs, they can mount the image and upgrade directly from the ISO and get unblocked,” Aul explains.

Newer Windows 10 builds leaked

If you're a Windows 10 enthusiast and you don't want to wait for Microsoft to make new builds available for the slow ring, there are two newer builds that have reached the web in the last couple of days and that can be downloaded at any time from file-sharing websites.
Both build 10134 and 10135 got leaked during the weekend, so if you don't mind bugs and issues that could have an impact on system performance, you might find these more appealing than Microsoft's new ISOs for 10130.
The company is expected to release a new version of Windows 10 preview in just a few days, but there's no info on the version number of this next build. Fast ring users are very likely to be the only ones getting it, so you might want to consider switching from slow to fast for the next two months ahead of RTM.


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