Sunday, 2 August 2015

Windows 10 Enterprise build 10240 X64 & X32 + Activator

Windows 10 X64
Windows 10 X32

The end of support for Windows XP has given the business PC market a boost, but it's also made businesses — and the Windows team — think about the future of Windows. Even the increases in enterprise tablet sales that Microsoft has been boasting about haven't made Windows 8 a success in mainstream businesses, but neither side wants a decade of Windows 7 and out-of-date versions of Internet Explorer, followed by another rushed update cycle. The early availability of the Technical Preview of Windows 10 is an attempt to produce a new version that addresses business issues far beyond the question of the touch interface or improved productivity for keyboard and mouse users.
How often do businesses want new features to appear in Windows, and new versions of the browser? The enterprise compatibility mode in IE 11 is designed to persuade businesses to upgrade IE more often, but Microsoft doesn't want to have to build that for old versions of Windows instead of supporting the latest web standards. What will it take for enterprises to adopt the more secure WinRT runtime for development? How do you balance the demands of BYOD users, to whom cloud storage is second nature, with the need to control corporate information and manage provisioning through corporate infrastructure like Active Directory instead of consumer Microsoft accounts over which the IT department has no control? Microsoft has been building tools in Azure Active Directory and Intune to address these issues; now it needs to show how they make sense in Windows.
The visible features in Windows 10 Technical Preview for Enterprise are productivity shortcuts like the task switcher, the links to commonly-accessed files and folders in Explorer and the improvements to Snap for laying out multiple windows (many of which seem reminiscent of ideas explored in Windows Vista), plus the relegation of WinRT apps to windows on the desktop and dropping the immersive version of IE in favour of just the desktop browser. But the architectural changes are more important.


Although you need a Microsoft account for the technical preview of Windows 10, you won't need one for the final release. Instead, you'll be able to use an Azure AD account to log into Windows, and get Store apps, Live Tiles and settings sync between devices (all of which need a Microsoft account today). The Azure AD support is visible in the PC Info app, which gives users the option to sign in with an Azure AD account as well as a standard AD account; the Store and sync options aren't in this build, but this addresses one of the main enterprise complaints about Windows 8.
There are new user credentials coming in Windows 10 that support single sign-on for consumer services like Twitter as well as enterprise authentication, but again the management tools aren't yet available for this.


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